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Is anyone familiar with this product? It's been a topic of discussion on the PML Survivor site and seems to be helping a few of the members there.

Yes.  And they are expensive.  Best to find out what they put in it and go to your local drug store and get it for a much cheaper price.

Hi guys,

KPAX have been discussed previously here:

hope this helps


Hello Jeff,

I think you can do much better, price wise, shopping around. I never spent 120.00 a month on vitamins/and or supplements, and I have been taking them for years.


Thanks gang! All I could think about was that saying if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt but that's just to much money for me. Lucky New Yorkers who can get it covered by ADAP. Pat - thanks for posting the other link I've read through it all. We know a GNC store owner here in town and think we'll stop in to see him to hear his suggestions as to what I could add and then run that by my doctor in December.


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