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Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for your assistance and reassurance for what you do.  I would like to describe the details of my sexual episode from last night and see if you think that it warrants PEP or not. 

I'm a male, and the person involved with was a transexual, pre-op.  Kissing, insertive unprotected oral,genital frottage and fingering occured.  however I am concerned about the receptive anal sex, in which the condom was only about half way on his penis as he withdrew.  Is this still considered safe sex?  Much of the condom was hanging off when we finished in other words. 

The main think that worries me is when he was lying on his stomach, I got on top and slid my penis back and forth between his lubricated butt cheeks.  My penis was not fully erect and therefore the tip got 'caught' in the anus a time or two while attempting to slide up and down.  Would this be considered a risk and warrant testing in your opinion as I had topped him previously protected and there could have been fluids from that?

I am very worried about this and appreciate anyones help with this instance.

You had safer sex and do not need to worry about being infected with HIV nor do you need PEP. As long as the condom didn't come completely off you were still protect. Find one of Ann's threads and follow the link to condoms and see if you can find one that has a better fit. Yes condoms do come in more than one size.

thank you very much for the quick response.  So I can put my mind at ease over this episode in your opinion?  The reason that the condom kept slipping a bit is because the guy wasn't fully erect while inside.  I did see that it was on when he pulled out though, so it shouldn't have came off inside i wouldn't think? 

The 'frottage' doesn't concern you, in which my penis may have briefly inserted his anus?  Would have been just the tip if that.

You didn't have a risk even if you slid your penis between her cheeks. Now you do know that we have been only discussing HIV and not STDs. STD are more easily to transmit than HIV so when you have your next annual check up have the STD panel done also. Everyone sexually active should be tested at least annually.

I understand that, thank you. 

You responded by saying that I slid in between her cheeks, however WHAT IF the tip of my penis inserted the anus while doing so, very briefly???

thanks again for your responses


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