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Hey All...I'm Back Again!


Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to say I am sorry I haven't actively talking on the forums, I have been extremely busy working and school, and trying to keep my health up and good, in case you do not remember me, my other name on here was vttrav but I have the new name, but the same doggie pic is on there, Anywho update: Well I am still with my boyfriend, and things are going alright, still sex is an issue but, I have come to terms with that, I mean we have other ways of doing things like are sexual and stuff (kinda found some new things I like  ;) ). But we are going on 5 Months on June 17th! I love my boyfriend so much, he is the best, he also suprised me last month and told me he loved me back, that made me soooo happy, because even though I am poz and he is neg, we can still be together and be HAPPY! Well I will try and keep up with posting things, I hope everyone is doing well! Feel free to contact me anytime.
Take Care All,

hi there, as I am new, I dont know you! But u seem to be so happy, so I thought of posting u some GOOD WISHES about ur love life and academic life too :), may you succeed!

Hi Travis....I don't recall reading a post from could be because of my bad memories. But anyway, welcome back.



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