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High Cholesterol


Have had recent check ups and cholesterol is high. Initially it was 8.6, has come down a bit to 8.1. Tried reducing dairy products etc but difficult. I am not overweight - 64.5kg and 1.65m high and exercise about 3 times a week, don't smoke etc. Doc says probably medication. Didn't have cholesterol tested before HIV diagnosis so can't compare, but my brother has reasonable cholesterol levels. Anyway doc has now prescribed medication to help lower the numbers. I know one can get fish, almonds etc. but is there anything else one can do to reduce levels and avoid medication.

What Hiv meds are you on?


8.6 mmol/l  = 332.55994 mg/dl.

This is high.

Some HIV meds are (modestly) better than yours.

Mine did increase C . a bit but not to the extend that my LDL would go over 130  mg/dl.
As I turned 50, they wanted my LDL down to 100.

I can do that with 2.5 mg Crestor

Thanks Eric.
The doc prescribed Crestor - however am using a generic storwin. Been taking it for two days now so lets wait and see if it does the trick.


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