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Well, after donating blood...I was notified that I needed a HIV screen...


Completely out of the blue. I test positive and the fiance negative. For the past three years I was told it was MERSA. It seems that's not the case.

I a person in long term recovery fro alcohol addiction. It was 4 years ago yesterday that I put down the bottle for good. I survived almost killing myself with alcohol and this is survivable too.

I have found local support groups that I will NO DOUBT attend...but are there safe chatrooms to talk to other people with HIV.

I'm not panicking. I survived alcohol. And now, I will have to do the work to survive this.

Any suggestions?

Jeff G:
Welcome to the forums . You can always chat here, day or night .

Did you have your results confirmed with a western blot  ? 

I had a quick oral stick quick swab test. Blood work comes back in two weeks. I am reading up now on what to do prior to the blood work being finished. So, I figured I'd better immediately identify support groups. Found one in my home town but looking for online chat as well. I'm not sure just yet what I should be doing outside of protecting my partner.

Jeff G:
I see . Its good to hear that you are getting followup care . Keep us posted on the results of your test . There is a wealth of information and support here and others may can help you find a peer support group in your area for some face to face time with others going through the same .


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