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Dear Forum Friends,

Michael Onstott, Co-Founder of the AIDS Nutrient Bank passed away last month.  He has spent years putting the nutrient and suppliment program together for persons living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco and Sonoma County. 

These were provided free of charge and at a very low cost for many people in need.  A lot of information such as drug interaction w/ suppliments, accounting records, special orders were kept in his head and not written down.  There were three suppliers, two at no charge and one at greatly reduced costs. 

Food for Thought, Sonoma County's AIDS Food Bank has asked a group of volunteers to try and maintain Michael's legacy.  We are meeting weekly in order to maintain services, develop a Board of Directors for a separate non-profit under the Food for Thought corporate umbrella.  After only 2 meetings, it looks like this program is moving forward.  I have offered to be a member of that Board of Directors and handle the public relations.  This all volunteer group is impressive and we believe we can get things done.  Have the best day

During todays meeting it was pointed out the nutrient orders had been filled for the clients, some funding is available, an existing bank account may be accessible to a member of the earlier board, and the program will continue to serve clients.  Have the best day


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