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Newly diagnosed after PEP

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Hey all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer! I created a post in the "Am I infected?" thread back in May. I had an encounter with someone who potentially had HIV, and I decided to go on PEP 3 days after exposure. My first two tests came back negative. My ID decided to do a viral load testing for my second test (which was done 1 week after my treatment) and that was negative. I was due for my final blood test this week...however things have definitely changed.

I've been seeing someone on a steady basis for the past month. We started barebacking after 2 weeks of meeting up, and decided to be exclusive. One night, we mess around, and I decide to top him (No ejaculation--come to think of it, we have never came into each other at all). Two days later, I get a burning sensation on my penis, and decide to go to a clinic to get blood work to find out what I have. Yesterday, they called me in and told me I tested positive for Gonorrhea and showed up reactive to HIV-1. This was an antigen test, by the way. I called my ID doctor right away, and she was distraught herself; She's going to take my final blood work this week. So I'm very confused, but no longer scared. While on PEP, I've had to grasp so much knowledge on this virus, and I'm ready to kick this bug's butt!

I live in NYC, and am fortunate enough to have support groups and this forum. I have HIV positive friends who I called and discussed my diagnosis with. They are both on different types of treatment, so who knows if I'l be able to relate to them in terms of pills and stuff. The only thing that I'm worried about is telling the guy I'm seeing that I came up as reactive...and that he also gave me gono. Coincidentally, we're going to Fire Island this weekend, and all we want to do is relax. So that's what we'll do. I'll try to keep sex out of the picture, but I'll bring condoms just in case. I just have to find the right words to tell him.

What I've learned from this forum and my HIV+ friends is that this disease can be totally manageable. I told my best friend aka roommate last night as well, and he's ready to help me along the way. I'm 5'4", 110lbs, and I fear that my body will wither away, but maybe I'm just paranoid. Either way, this is a wake up call for me to be more conscious of my health. I'm nervous about this new journey, but this forum is the perfect shoulder to lean on. <3

If you are HIV+, sorry about that for sure.  :-[

I am a bit confused by your thread title and the story above.

Are you saying your PEP experience, or the act that led to your PEP, is the transmission?   Or is it the barebacking with your new friend, and after you were off PEP.

Lots of people read these forums, and you're going to raise anxieties especially that PEP doesn't work or testing is off or whatnot.

Could you be clear why these 2 different times and sex acts are being tied together, please?

Jeff G:
You may well have got a false positive and need to have your test confirmed to rule that out .
Please only post in this one thread until you have been confirmed HIV positive .

Hi mecch  :),

I just realized that I should have elaborated on that a bit more, I am terribly sorry!

Pretty much, I took PEP on May 17th due to an encounter with someone completely different at that time. From then on, I've been taking many tests with my ID doctor. The last one I took was on the last week of June, shortly after I finished PEP, and it came back negative. She even decided to do the viral load testing.

However, I started seeing a guy for the past month (July-August) and recently I decided to get tested because I had a burning sensation on my dick. My results came back as positive for gono, and reactive (positive) for HIV-1. When I called my ID doctor to tell her the news, she was confused because PEP works VERY well, and all my results came back negative a few weeks ago. It sucks because I was fine not long ago after taking PEP, but something happened. Perhaps I was exposed recently, and potentially by my current partner; But that's a whole other story. Pretty much, I have shown up as reactive, and I'm slowly trying to take it all in.


--- Quote from: Jeff G on August 19, 2014, 09:37:42 AM ---You may well have got a false positive and need to have your test confirmed to rule that out .
Please only post in this one thread until you have been confirmed HIV positive .

--- End quote ---

Hey Jeff,

Wow, I actually didn't even consider that. Is it possible to get that result with an antigen test? Also, I'm so sorry for the post. If you'd like to move it into another thread, please feel free  :)!


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