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Expert help appreciated please..

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sounds like you need to get to a chemist and get some hydrocortisone cream or something,  I had the same recently but am prone to it for a long time

I think you should reread the others replies to yours re. your status


That's the problem with symptoms...... you can have some, none, or all of the symptoms normally associated with primary hiv infection and be positive or negative.  That is why we don't focus on them here.

That said, symptoms, if they occur at all, do so 2-4 weeks post exposure. They come all at once, and leave all at once a week or so later.  The rash is usually on the trunk.

You had protected sex and as such, were never at risk for hiv infection.  

Your symptoms can be explained by many, many, things.  Work with your doctor to get to the bottom of their cause.


After doing some research and reading a number of the other posts, I put my 'symptoms' down to stress; it can affect the immune system, catching various bugs and viruses is easier and they take longer to go.  I will however follow things through with my family doctor as you recommend and indeed had a blood test yesterday.

One thing is bugging me though, when I said on my original post "later in the night she placed my unprotedted penis between her legs and thrusted until I came Ė we didnít have penetration as we didnít have a second condom", [we were lying on our sides (front to back then back to front)], have I created additional risk as my penis head could have been rubbing against her vagina or anus for part of our activity.

I look forward to hearing your views.

Many thanks for doing a great job



The genital rubbing without penetration is called frottage and frottage is NOT a risk for hiv infection. Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus and successful transmission normally occurs INSIDE the human body. Frottage takes place OUTside the human body. You didn't have a risk.



perhaps what you are feeling is guilt of only going down on the woman for 30 sec vs 15 min.  j/k, as others have stated, you are not hiv infected from this incident.  practice safer and equality sex.   


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