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Shaky Hands/Tingling

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My experience.

Before I even started meds (and for about a year before I was diagnosed, yet likely infected), I started getting the tingly feelings in extremities and some stiffness in those areas. Lips too.

I chalked it up to my workouts and exercise regimen when a neurologist found everything normal. Then, when I was diagnosed with HIV, I brought it up with my ID doc during one of our evaluations and he says that he see this a lot, to varying degrees of severity, with his HIV patients -- even patients who aren't on meds.

Today I'm on meds and I still get the tinglies from time to time. I still bike ride daily and work out all the time and I am just used to it. It's just a very manageable annoyance for me.

That's just my experience and you should definitely talk to your doctor and see what he says.

Mikey  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

If I grab something too hard it can give me unpleasant tingles in my fingers. Was never the case prior to this year. Oh well. I'll just handle things gently or normally I guess


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