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Hello everyone

I wanted to know if any of you experienced shaky hands and tingling early in your disease.  I noticed this for the last two weeks that my hands are shaky and I have tingly sensations in certain parts of my body (mainly my toe, scalp, and lip).  My last blood work I was at almost 800 tcells and a 19K viral load.  I dont take any meds regularly besides lexapro which I have been on for over 6months. 

Is this something to be worried about?  I have read about PML which of course has me nervous, but doesnt this usually appear in people with very low tcell counts?


I noticed hubbys hands were really shaky about a month before we found out. They are still shaky and i have asked the dr about it but she didnt really say anything..just went on to a new topic. He goes back the 28th and i will bring it up again if hes still shakey. His CD4 was 85.


 Let me start off by saying I can only speak for myself as this disease is very personal. Having said that; Yes, your symptoms sound very familiar to me. The tingling (feet, hands, face,), the loss of sensitivity in your fingers and the shaking hands. With me it got worse as my T-cells went downhill, to the point where I had trouble with tying shoelaces and sticking my key into the doorlock. Also the pain got worse.

Now the good news.
As soon as I started meds the symptoms started to resolve and I am now at a point that I almost feel like before.

So, I think your symptoms are not strange and have good hope they will resolve as soon as you start meds. Don't start meds too soon however, your numbers look fine so you better tough it out and wait. Consult your doctor.
And don't worry about it too much. I guess it's part of the disease for some people.

Take Care

water duck:
Hi Peter,

Had tingling in certain parts of my body, yes, i was fighting the 'news' . I had since accepted it & now , things r back to normal.

Like c69 said : this disease is very personal, as well as psychological reactions.
.................better tough it out and wait.
It made me realized that when i let my head get screwed up, the rest follows !!
Good luck.


PS: venting your fears here helps

Dear Pete,

Your symptoms resemble periferal  neuropathy a problem which I have experienced over the years and is treatable. In my case it is caused by the medications and the healing process is very slow.  Your symptoms also resembly MS, which is not HIV related.  I would recommend you make an appointment today with your ID doc because both of these possible problems are miserable and it may be something else, afterall, I am not in Medicine, I am only an Activist.  Have the best day


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