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Hi I am all new to this but I would like to get your opinion. On Sunday I was in Amsterdam and had intercourse with one of the workers in the Red Light District. She was the one to put a condom on me and which was followed by oral sex and then intercourse which lasted about a few minutes. Once it was over I was really embarrassed by the whole thing and left as soon as possible. My question is, how much of a risk is it considering what I have done? I am terrified at thinking I could have contracted HIV although everyone keeps telling me that I shouldn't worry. Could someone provide me with some info?



None, you had protected sex like you should have. NO RISK..

Andy Velez:
Condoms provide very effective protection against HIV transmission. There's no need for further concern about this incident in relation to HIV.

Keep using a condom everytime you have intercourse whether you are with a pro or a civilian. They do the job.

In general we do recommend that anyone who is sexually active should at least annually have a full STD panel done and every six months is even better.

This time out you have no cause to be worried about HIV.


So you really think there is no risk to me? I am just really scared because she was a red light girl.

I feel so bad about what I did though, I am so scarred at the idea of "what if the condom broke?"


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