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You need to contact the group who administers ADAP (title 1 andtitle 2 funding for your state)  Which will be a state organization.  They will send you a form for adap funding.  ADAP is allowed to cover private medical premiums and prefers to do it is cheaper then using RW funding as a whole.  Incidentally RW ADAP funding will also pay cobra if you change jobs and exceed the income continue your private coverage during that period until you receive new coverage with you new employer.

And no where in the RW care act does it require you to spend down your only looks at current income.  However the indvidual state might...

Medicaid might require that but RW care act does not.

I am not sure who handles your state's ADAP funding...mostly likely the Department of Health Services or something like that. 

Hope that helps.

Here is the contact info for you

T Rai

Trai, ADAP regulations must vary from state to state.  In New York State, for example, ADAP looks at BOTH income and assets to determine eligibility; you can have $0 income, but if you have assets, like IRA's, you must spend them down. 

When I was diagnosed, I was unemployed, with no income and with no health insurance, but I had 401K assets over the minimum allowed.  I could not receive ADAP.  I needed to go on HAART immediately, and I was reluctant to spend down what I needed for everyday expenses (rent, food, etc.)  to pay for my drug cocktail and medical care.  I entered a clinical study for 3 years, where I received HAART.

In the meantime I acquired health insurance but did not use it for one year because of preexisting condition.  New York State has another program, AHIP (AIDS Health Insurance Program), which looks ONLY at income and not assets, and which will pay health-insurance premiums.  I still have no income, so I was able to have AHIP pay my monthly insurance premiums.  The study has ended, and I now have been able to use my health insurance for my drug and doctor costs.

The stress of all of this probably damaged me as much as my HIV.                 

ADAP regs, just like Medicaid, vary from state to state.
Here in New Mexico, it is based on income, but ADAP here doesn't cover insurance premiums. That is covered by another program run by the state.
Another difference are the ADAP formularies and how the medications are provided. Here, the formulary covers most of the HIV meds, some only with prior approval, but not too much else.
Also, you must receive the drugs from the state Department of Health pharmacy, not a local pharmacy. They are mailed to you and you must refill them each month.

How things work depend a great deal upon which state you reside.

Good luck with your dilemma. I wish there were more I could tell you.



Hey y'all I do think I said that states might have individual my it to make sure...however the actual act does not other then being HIV + and an income of 400% or less of the federal poverty level.

And incidentally Hawaii does have a 10,000 dollar limit on assets not including home and car.  The info the person needs and who to contact is in the link for his/her state.  As I provided that as well. 

I am not going to argue about where the funding comes from state to state...but I would be willing to bet...that if even it is not the department that admins is still adap dollars paying for insurance if you check.  But hey I could be wrong there, as there are 50 50 different regulations.

But I stand by what I said.

T Rai

One of the problems here Trai, and Michael; is that the Ryan White Care Act, (the legislation) and the manual itself are chock full of the words, "may", "can", "should", "maybe" and several other words that muddle the true content and purpose of the law.  This leaves the States ample leeway for interpretation.  I have been blown off by the State of Arizona on more than one occasion in the last six years, due to this very vague law.

Now to this issue specifically.  There is no way in hell that you will be able to keep this IRA funded in "YOUR" name.  There is no accommodation made for having a $10,000 asset in the bank and still garner support from a program which by it's very nature is called "the insurer of last resort".  I have several suggestions which include a condo or home purchase if you do not have a home; gifting to someone else in your family you trust, and several more ways to deal with this.  However, the one thing that will stay sure is that you will not be able to keep the $10,000 and still draw on Ryan White for your care. 

I don't even want to discuss why you even ask this question in a forum that is riddled with people that are totally incapable of even going food shopping without assistance, but then I guess it really doesn't matter why.  I do hope you figure out a way to deal with this, but I strongly suggest you get busy NOW, and deal with it before you are into a financial situation that force you into the few choices that many of us deal with daily.

In Love and Support.


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