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Maoffie while I agree with you about the vagueness in the RW still does have a lot of specific guidelines that must be followed...and even if a state such as Hawaii imposing more strick guidelines....a person can find that infomation.

For Lange states:

    * Assists those who, because of HIV-associated diseases, are no longer able to work and unable to pay their insurance premiums.
    * To qualify for participation an individual must be entitled to continue his/her insurance under COBRA, and should be informed as to this eligibility at the time of job termination.
    * Must have a physician certification of HIV seropositivity and inability to continue working.
    * Must be a resident of the State of Hawaii.
    * Must meet income and assets criterias.
    * Must not be eligible for health insurance through a spouse parent or legal guardian.

So I am not sure what the exact income and asset criteria is for this program in Hawaii...but the contact info is there...and it will be up for the person to follow up now...

All we can do is provide relevant info...and if possible point people in the right direction.


You are correct, and I have no idea what the income/asset level is for HI also.  This is one of those "The states may determine" parts of the legislation and I got caught in it. 

Sorry if I made a mis-statement that was  confusing. 

In Love.

Nice sweater Trai, did you get it at Nordy's?, Harrods?, Macy's?  Have the best day

One of the axioms that goes along with HIV infection past the primary (non medicated) stage seems to be "prepare to be poor." It might take a decade or more, but it happens to almost everyone... especially once you begin to be sick.

Honest to God/dess, I would listen to Moffie on this. Ten thousand dollars will disappear very quickly when it is used for HIV treatment.


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