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I have been searching the internet, but do not know where to find the answers. I have been having my $114. Kaiser insurance premium subsidized by the Ryan White Fund here in Honolulu, through the Life Foundation.
Now they say they will not pay it anymore.  Here is what my case worker passed on to me:
"Iíve been informed that this is the last month that this will be paid, since you would qualify for Medicaid if you spent down your IRA. Granted, we both agree that this is not a feasible option, but the committee has to go by the book on these kinds of things. They were also concerned because this was becoming a recurring, monthly request."
They wanted to know why Medicaid does not pay for my premiums & I told them that I do not qualify, as I have about $10,000. in IRAs that I would rather not draw from, due to having to pay taxes & being penalized for early withdrawal.
Now they are saying I must spend it, regardless of the financial consequences.
My question is if any of you know if with my circumstances as they are, if I should still qualify for Ryan White funding for my insurance premiums, or legally, I should not be allowed access to them unless I am totally wiped out financially?  I am on disability & only make about $600. a month!
Please let me know, and where I can get proof, if it is in my favor. Thanks!


I am not sure of the laws of Hawaii,but here in Tennessee you must spend down your assets to under two thousand before you qualify. If you are on disability your caseworker should be able to answer your questions. I'm not a lawyer but maybe there is a way to transfer your assets...check legal aid in your area and I am sure you will get plenty of advice here.

Good luck,

The new proposed legislation on the RWCA is nearly impossible to work with.  Written into this new legislation is terms like "core medical service" and "medical case management," neither of these terms are defined by the GAO or Congress and the final vote is expected in the Full Senate and House of Representatives in a little as a week to two months.  The Ryan White CARE Act is the payer of last resort in every state and is developed and allocated for persons who are under insured or do not have insurance.

When I moved from the islands over 15 years ago, any person who worked a minimum of 20 hours per week was supplied with full medical insurance, paid by the employer.  This had created an economy of 19 hour per week employees.

There are 1.1 million persons living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and an additional 40,000 new infections every year.  I am a member of the Funding Allocations Working Group (FAWG) in Sonoma County, California.  For the first time since the RWCA was enacted, FAWG has been asked to develop a budget for only 1 year instead of 2 years.  This is because we know what the budget amount will be for the next Fiscal Year but the future of any federal funding for any services.  We have to advise the Sonoma County Commission on AIDS on which services can be cut or eliminated for a few thousand persons living with HIV/AIDS so the Commission can advise the Board of Supervisors where to make the cuts.  Living with an AIDS diagnosis for the past 10 years, being 100% dependent upon the services provided by Medicare, MediCal (Medicaid) and RWCA, this is not an easy task and the decisions will be hard and painful for many people.

There are Fiscal Agents working right now in every state in every jurisdiction who are trying to find ways to maintain quality services and treatment on continuously reduced budgets.  I recommend if you are still able to work, keep you job.  If you still have medical insurance, do anything to keep it.

A Forum member from Kentucky provided State Health Facts from Kaiser Family Foundation. The information on this site is valued and quite astounding.  You can find this by clicking on my site on the front page click on COA Kentucky.  This will give you a lot of information but maybe not the information you need.  It is worth a try.  Have the best day

All my case manager tells me is "there is nothing I can do and good luck". I am also in Tennessee. And you dare to question anything at the regional meetings! Mark

When we fail to question, we do not get the answers.  If I may point out the Summary of the Four Agreements used in our Planning Counsil meetings.
1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Don't take anything personally
3. Don't make assumptions
4. Always do your best

Have the best day


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