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Hello, I'm just effective is PEP?  If I would've known about it I certainly would've taken it after my possible exposure. 

Depending on if you had a risk or not and if you started the meds before 72 hours. 85-86% helpful.

Oh okay.  But are they easy to get?  or must you get your primary doc to prescribe them?  how costly are they?

Andy Velez:
PEP is not something lightly embarked upon. It is a very strong drug combo.

Yes, you would need a doctor to authorize it.

It also should be initiated as soon after a possible exposure as possible and not more than 72 hours after same. It is taken for 28 days. For a definitive HIV test result it should be done at 13 weeks after the completion of PEP.

You haven't said anything about the nature of your possible exposure. If you give us some details we can comment about the level of your risk. Many others before you have been worrying needlessly.

Please clarify if there's something further you want us to know.

Must be prescribed by your doctor, must be taken for 28 days, and are very expensive. They are not a cure all and my not help you at all. Most people that have received them, never finish taking the meds because of side effects. If you can't be complacent in taking the medication then don't even start.


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