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I'm married, did a stupid thing last night, feeling very guilty and worried.  I was with a woman and sucked her nipples alot.  When I went to the bathroom a few minutes later, i noticed a brownish residue on my lips, kind of soft but dried looking, wondering what it was.  I'm freaking out, wondering if it came from her nipples, and whether this can cause HIV infection.  Also, this morning, I noticed a blood drop on my cuticle and a little under it.  If it was her blood and if she is postive, can this cause infection?  Please help me out, do I need to get an HIV test? :(

No, you do not need to test. You were not at risk in the situation you've explained here. Please take time to read the "Welcome" thread and the lessons links.

Andy Velez:
There are a lot of ifs there and they all add up to NO RISK for HIV transmission in relation to the situation you are concerned about.

For instance, even IF it was blood on her nipples and even IF the woman was HIV+, the saliva in your mouth has an inhibitory enzyme which would have neutralized HIV in the situation.

You have no cause for further concern about HIV in relation to this incident.

Beware of dragging guilt over this incident into your relationship.You're a dog like the rest of us and you went wandering a bit. There's nothing you can do about that now, so take a good deep breath, let it go and get on with your life.

This is NOT an HIV situation.


I didn't explain myself well in the last post.  About ten minutes after I sucked her nipples, I noticed a brownish semi moist substance on both sides of my lips.  What could this have been?  It was an obvious discharge of some type.  Is that a normal thing for a female to do?  Could this substance have placed me at HIV risk?  I hve been worried to touch my wife.  I'm soooo stupid!!! :-[

No, again you wasn't at risk.


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