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What's In Your Butt ????

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 ;D We haven't had a good 'Whats in Your..' thread in the new forums yet or a recipe thread so Ill kill two birds with one Butt:
Boston Butt/Pork butt that is which is actually from the Pork Shoulder. Go Figure.
 It makes for a great roast, butt, :-[     it really is at its best heavily seasoned and slow cooked untill it can be shredded or "Pulled" with a fork , its a classic for BBQ fans everywhere .
I currently have two Butt Roasts ( does that equal a complete ass ?) ready to go, the first will be  cumin and chile seasoned for Tamales and Enchiladas, ( recipe below)  and I'm going to try something different on Butt #2, an Italian spice blend for lasagna and Ravioli filling.. 
Does anyone have any great spice rub recipes for Pork roast or Ribs I've found an avalanche of them on the internet but they tend to be really similar.
 Anyway as the Summer Grilling Season begins I thought some BBQ recipes would be apropriate.
Also can some fellow BBQ fans help me clear something up aboutthe major styles of BBQ seasoning ?
Am I correct that:   

 Memphis Style = a sweet sauce, lots of molasses honey etc...
Kansas City Style = a  Tangy vinegar sauce ( or citrus juice or something similar)
Texas Style = dry spice rub only, and No sauce and usually cooked over Mesquite  ????????
I wanted this to have a strong Cumin Taste for Tamales, it does.

Tamale/Enchilada Rub

3 Parts Ancho/ or other dried chili powder (not a blend)
3 Parts cumin powder
1 Part Garlic Powder
1 Part Onion Powder
1 Part Mustard Powder
1 Part Black pepper
* I use Tablespoons for 'Parts' but anything will work

What No Salt???  I salt the roast before I put the rub on but dont go crazy you can always add more later but you cant take it away.... and be pretty liberal with the rub mix, you want to over season somewhat to make up for the flavor fade that happens over the long cooking time . Anyway put your spice rubbed roast in a roasting pan covered or wrapped in foil  in the fridge overnight. First thing the next morn. pop it into the oven at 270 degrees for about Six or Seven hours, fat side UP. Covered with a lid or Foil. Yes, your house will smell like a Taqueria.
Technically it will be done in about 90 minutes ( internal temp around 170) but it will take the extra hours to become 'Falling apart' tender , the final internal temp will be around 190 but dont worry it wont be charcoal.
Shred with a couple of forks  & Break out the Tequila.

The Italian one will use sausage type spices, mostly Rosemary and Fennel If it comes out OK Ill post the exact recipe....
Enjoy your (_^_)   

When will dinner be ready? I will bring desert (key lime pie) & a case of Corona.

;D Who's on third and What's on second and I forget the one on first, butt I really only care about the guy that scored anyway! So Who cares what his name is cause Who is next and What's a distant second...

Sae, is there an arseicon for revolving door butt?

I like to brine my butt overnight, then insert garlic cloves, and rosemary into slits all over.
Food Lion has them on sale this week. Good idea hun. I haven't had any butt in a long time.(double entendre) ;)

I hadn't thought about brining, I usually brine Country Style Pork ribs in a salt sugar and Apple Cider mix -( dont use Hard cider the alcohol will make them tough, besides why waste good alcohol? )  Ive also used Cherry juice in a pork rib brine with O.K. results but Apple cider is the best one Ive found so far....Im sure it would work well in a roast, and if you whipped up an apple cider vinegar bbq sauce or maybe a Granny Smith apple chutney that might just win the Pork Sandwich Blue Ribbon. 
Pork Butt is without a doubt the best deal going I just checked, and the Sams Club price is $1.27 a pound which added up to about $17.00 for a two Roast Pack. with the exception of a few ounces of bone and Fat   its ALL meat
Even One roast is way more than we can handle and it usually goes into the freezer after a few days of gorging.
A local BBQ place sent me a flyer recently, their Pulled pork sandwiches were just over $6.00 and for picnics, Pulled pork sold for the bargain price of $9.50 a pound. WTF ? does it come with Shaved Truffles or something?
 I'd like to get in on some of That $$$$.... 

OH , I found a fairly good deal on a Forschner Santoku - Forschner has been rated pretty well by Americas Test Kitchen and others... 

I'd Love to have this one....    well, maybe If I open a Pork Emporium.

Ill definitely brine the next one, ( and use plenty of Garlic!!!!)    but it may be awhile..


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