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second total knee replacement

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Hi All, haven't posted in a while,like to check in and see if anything new on lipo issues. Have been through a gamete of things since being officially diagnosed in 90.
Hump removal, cornea transplant ,hernias ,lipo you name it ! Had my left knee replaced over a year ago, now having the right one done next week. Found myself gaining weight , and not being able to walk for exercise any more .I have been very lucky to have remained stable this many years, sometimes I blame things on this nasty disease,but mostly think I'm just getting old and portly ! New knee next week, keep on plugging along and fighting back. just wondering if anyone else has had joint replacements. Be Well ,Bubba

I've had several friends go through and they all pretty much say the same thing.  They wish they'd have done it sooner.  They had better mobility than they had in years and continue to do well.

best of luck on your procedure.


Hey bubba,
This topic immediately caught my attention.  I need to have both my knees replaced, but in February I broke my left hip and had to have surgery, so am not in a hurry to have more joint surgery.  Plus I just moved into a new house, and there needs to be many things taken care of prior to me having them.

Avascular necrosis, plus osteoarthritis, is responsible for my knee situation.  The AVN is something doctors are finding more in LTS'ers such as us, but I do not believe a specific cause (long term HIV, treatments) has been figured out.  I do know that usually it happens (AVN) in the hips.  When I was a case manager at an ASO one of my clients had to have both hips replaced, and both knees.   

I'm glad to hear you're doing better after the one replacement, and I hope you post about the post-op recovery on your other knee.  Very interested, thanks for posting!


Hi Betty,
The cause of both knee problems is due to osteoarthritis also , the 1st one went super smooth,was up and walking the hospital halls the next day.Wolfie is right should have done it sooner. we relocated to Cape Cod from the Florida Keys last year after 33 three years, the health care here is great ! Point being we are having a new house built with the bedrooms upstairs,need two healthy knees.All I can tell you is the healing and rehab is a piece of cake compared to the constant pain.The AVN you spoke of is a really interesting topic  , really makes you think . Will keep you posted on post - op
 Thanks and Be Well, Wade

Hi All ,
Had my surgery on Monday at 1:30 , everything went smooth, was dressed, up and walking the next day and released on Wednesday morn ! Some one came to the house for PT on Thursday & Friday . will come M , W & F next week , see the surgeon on mon 28th, & will go from there. Already taking short walks and doing daily activities , cant stand for too long a time though because of swelling which is taken care of with ice. Pain is not bad at this point & weaning off pain meds,make me nauseous . Will be ready for my new stairs !! Wanted to keep you posted.
                    Be Well, Wade


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