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My 25th anniversary/ new numbers

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 :-* :)


You have my full support and love...always!


Trish :-*

My dear 'brother', Paul,

I have watched you start to bloom these last few months here on our Forums, and am filled with the wonder that is you.

When I think of our first personal meeting in one short week, I get all giddy!! :D

It's all we can do to travel toward these studies, full of hope, full of questions, filled with a conviction to assist these scientists to unlock the mystery of HIV.

My personal committment to these studies has been made so much stronger by having met you, and having become an active member of our Forum 'family'.  It is the many life stories shared by everyone here that has prompted me to take your advice and travel to the huge complex of the NIH, and into another serious effort to reveal the secret of 'us'.

Thank you for every kind word you've spoken to me, and for what you are sharing with us.

With love,


Thank you Mark and Lisa, John and Trish and my beloved 'sister' Zephie  !!!!

I am so moved to have been so lovingly embraced by my new family. Tears come to my eyes, tears of joy. It is my fondest hope that the participation in these studies from myself, Zephie and others will lead us all to a better, HIV free life. It is for us and the untold, unheralded millions of others that I travel these many miles to donate my blood, of which these researchers feel may indeed hold the key. It is an honor to be able to represent us.

I toast you all and your kind, gracious and loving spirits.

Your brother

Congrats on the great numbers and your safe travel to the States. As one of the "others" involved in LTNP studies, I just got confirmation today from Peggy Ueda at MGH they received the draw FedEx'd to them last night for the study. I include this to encourage those who may be eligible to participate that they, too, may be able to do it long distance. MGH sent a kit of tubes, etc. to my clinic, I "consented" myself and was able to circumnavigate any hospital approvals and/or waivers. I am hopeful to get Melissa at UCDavis to get funding to offer the same. I'd like to be able to participate in their study as well. Have fun with Zeph at the NIH.


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