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Is it risky to have enema if the enema tools/insert is not fully clean?


I just had an enema but I am very worry like sick now, becauses I don't know if the enema insert & the enema bag are fully clean before insert into my rectum.   Is it enough just using pure water to clean the enema insert & bag before using it again?


Seeing as how enema bags can't have hiv infection, you don't need to worry about this. Hiv is not able to infect after it's been outside the human body.


Thanks for your quick reply.  I'm worry may be there is virus/ fluide left INSIDE the enema insert.  This is what I have read from one of the web site :
"Sharing an enema involves the same risks as sharing a dildo. An enema insert should be washed thoroughly before a partner uses it. Enema is not recommended for cleaning the anus and rectum. The water can force bacteria and flora from the rectum and lower intestine into the upper intestine. Enemas deplete the normal flora of the rectum and can lead to infection. "

And as you noticed, it doesn't say anything about HIV. Why? Because HIV CAN NOT be transfered in that manner.


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