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Back from the dead

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Hey John,

When first diagnosed my cd4s were 260s; v.l. 150,000+.  I started treatment once the cd4s dropped to low 180s and me doc added Bactrim to the mix as a preventative for PCP.  Once the cd4s bumped back up over 200 and stayed above, he took me off the Bactrim and I have not been on it since. 

First combo: Combivir + Nelfinavir
Second Combo: Trizivir + Kaletra
Third combo: Trizivir + Atazanavir + Ritonavir
Fourth combo: Kivexa + Atazanavir

I went with Kaletra because at that time there was no Atazanavir (Reyataz) out there.  Kaletra is still considered the "preferred" drug over Atazanavir but anyone I know whose been on Kaletra has eventually switched to Atazanavir.  Have I gone yellow, not yet but then with my skin colour I'd probabily not know unless it was the eyes that turn!

My last results were cd4s in the 500s I think; v.l. <50.  I will be getting my latest lab results back on the 13th of this month so I can always update later if interested.



The Information here is priceless. The doctors are all to sober for me. Anyway and I could be wrong but I have read that mutations to PI regimens are more subtle and take longer than Sustiva. I have also read that one mutation to sustiva and your in trouble. keep in mind these are only things that I have read. Anyway I was wondering if anyone has ever tried IL2. I have read allot about it and I realize its expensive and not covered by insurance. Hey, I would rather have a second mortgage to pay than not be here. Also, I am hoping that integrase and the new materation inhibitors can help keep a lid on this whole Resistance thing. If we can get a good backbone drug with little or no resistance I think we would all sleep a little better.
                                   Thanks John.

i am on sustiva and truvada and for the most part, it works extremely well in suppressing the virus.  Side effects for me were initially minimal and are increasing it seems after a year.  But many, many people do very fine on this combo with very little side effects.

All combos are going to have some side effects, so it's like trading one set of side effects for another.  Some combos are more tolerable for some than others as well.

I wouldn't discount sustiva as a possible regimen, but luckily, there are a few options to start with.

Hi John.

I started the Reyataz,Norvir,Truvada combo 2 1/2 years ago (Dec. 2003).  I started out at VL: 500,000.  CD4:  18.

I became undetectable at 3 months.  My CD4 count is 540 (33%).  It's been a slow but steady uphill climb on the t-cells.  With adherence, I don't anticipate any problems.

I'm real pleased with this particular regimine.  The side effects are minimal and it seems to work wonders. 

I think you made the right decision


Thank for all the information. definitely let me know your new numbers as they come in. Just curious about 2 things that are unrelated. I tend to drink quite a bit of soda. Do you think this will interfere with my meds? Second, How many combos do I really have if I fail this regimen? (ex. I am on my first line combo,)

                    Thanks, John

PS hoping to break 200 on my next labs


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