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Matty the Damned:
Daddy Tim

As Bucko once noted (now himself departed) you were the Mayor of AIDSmeds and as such it is meet and proper that the anniversary of your demise is noted.

I hope that Bob is well. If he is not I hope he is comfortable.

I think of you often.

Sleep peacefully my love.

Matty the Damned

Thanks Matty for the reminder about Tim, our dear Moffie who has always been missed here since he left us.  Gone, but never forgotten, his always sage advice will be missed forever.  RIP dear man.

I missed being able to get together with Brent when I was down in Florida this year.  His writings were wonderful and we miss Bucko as well.

Glad to see you have returned to us Mattala.


Joe K:
Dearest Tim.

Not a day goes by when I do not think of you.  I miss our "crack-of-dawn" talks and the time we spent together at AMGs.  You helped to make me a better person and all I can offer is a simply "thank you."

Your passing left a hole in my heart that will never heal, however, I promise to never mourn your passing, instead I will forever celebrate your life.

All my love,



Moffie's outgoing and outspoken nature inspired me. Although at times misunderstood by others, his heart was pure, his wisdom was limitless and his humor was pure genius. The last conversation I remember having with him was in Montreal, when he was explaining to me what the blue plate special was. He is sorely missed by all.


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