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Stubborn case of thrush

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I'm asking this here so as to not "freak out" the newbs, though it may still if they read this section.

I've had thrush for the past month.  It did change to vaginal yeast a couple times, but always back to thrush.  I have used both Diflucan and Nystatin and now my doctor wants me to come in Monday so he can look at it, he said it should have cleared up. 

Has anyone ever dealt with this, and did anything help?  I'm brushing it out of my mouth (sorry so graphic), which of course makes my mouth pretty raw and everything burns. 

There is a lot of stress right now, I'll be moving at the end of the month.  Trying not to get too stressed, I know that is not helpful for the thrush.  Oh, by the way, I have also tried eating yogurt, and that doesn't help either.  Any other suggestions, I will seriously consider.  Thanks ahead of time!


Jeff G:

I am suspecting its not thrush if you have not responded at all to the go to drugs for thrush ... they are pretty powerful and its seems like something else is going on if they didn't impact it .

Please keep us updated when you see the doc ... sorry you are unwell sweety .


Sorry to hear about the thrush.  I wonder if it's possible to become resistant to anti fungals. Perhaps a higher dose.   HHmmm..  :-\  Are there other anti-fungals available?

Anytime I've ever had thrush, and it's only been two or three times,  The Diflucan alone, always knocked it out, from the mouth.

Let us know what the doctor says Monday.

Take care---Ray

have you tried Clotrimazole (mycelex)?

I've had a lot of thrush (and the damaged esophagus to prove it) and those mycelex lozenges always did the trick for me. Between what thrush did to me, and how bad it was to control with my first partner, I've always hated thrush as the worst side effects of my AIDS.

I sure hope the doc can help and you can get better soon!

Ray, what you said is interesting, about becoming resistant to antifungals.  I've always had luck with the Diflucan and Nystatin.  I used to take Diflucan every day to prevent thrush, when my immune system was more damaged.

Mike, I have taken Mycelex. I remember a doctor I used to see prescribing it; Mycelex Troches.  I wonder if my doctor is familiar with that, he's kind of a "newer" HIV specialist.  But I will mention it to him, thanks.

Trying not to eat or drink anything to aggravate it, but of course the smoking doesn't help.  I've tried to keep myself busy packing, so I'm not smoking as much.  That's very difficult, for me.  Oh well.  I'm sure it will pass.


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