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Dear Experts,

We did a mutual masturbation. I shake his penis and he ejaculated on his tummy. I wiped his sperm on his tummy using a towel.

10 minutes later, I masturbated my own penis, and I ejaculated afterwards. I wiped my penis, using the same towel.

When I wiped my penis using the towel, I realized the posibility of his sperm (on the towel) come in contact with my urethra.
I am worry since the towel was still wet (of his sperm) when I used it to wiped my penis, and
I heard that HIV can be transmitted when infected sperm come in contact via urethra.

Kindly please advise, is it possible being infected through this way?


The quick answer is no its not possible to catch HIV in the way you described.  Please use the lessons to find out how HIV is transmitted

Andy Velez:
Az, masturbation is not a risk for HIV transmission. Nor is touching someone else's sperm with your hand.

Please read the lesson on Transmission as well as the one on Testing. You can find a link to them in the Welcome thread which is at the top of this section.

Anyone who is sexually active needs to be familiar with the basics about transmission. By following some simple safer sex guidelines consistently you can enjoy your sexuality, protect your health and spare yourself unnecessary worry.


Thanks Gaz, Andy.
Actually I am not worry about masturbation nor touching his semen using my healthy (i.e. no open wound) hand.I know masturbation and touching someone's semen with my hand is not a risk.
Beside, I have read the lessons before submitting this question.
In fact, What make me worry is what has been described in the lessons.
First, It is mentioned in "How is HIV Trasmtted" as quote below:
"Researchers have consistently found that HIV can be transmitted via blood, semen, and vaginal secretions."
In my situation,there was amount of semen in the small towel,so the HIV can be transmitted via semen.
Second, It is mentioned in "Specific Sexual Practices: What are the Risks?" as quote below:
"For men, HIV must enter through a cut or abrasion on the penis, through the lining of the urethra inside the penis."

Considering those two facts (mentioned in the lesson),  I am worry if his semen (on the small towel that may have HIV) enter into my system through the mucous tissue/lining of my urethra.
From the lessons, I know which activities are considered as a risk and which one is no risk for HIV transmission. I know that the main sexual route of the transmission is via unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse.
For those reason I try to always play safely (e.g., to avoid unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse).
Somehow, I still have some doubt and worry about my situation, especially considering the above route.
(i.e. when I used the towel to cleansed my penis, it was covering the whole of my glands penis and the semen in the small towel was in contact with my urethra. Eventhough it was not really a fresh semen, It was still really wet and I am worry that it was still infectious)

Would you please clarify and advise? Can I really forget those incident and go on?
Thanks a bunch.


Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus that is primarily transmitted INSIDE the human body, as in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse. Once hiv finds itself OUTSIDE the body (on a towel, for example) the different moisture content, pH levels and temperature quickly damage the outer surface of the virus and the plugs on that surface that it uses to latch on to a host cell. Once hiv is damaged in this manner, it can no longer infect.

This is why you were not at risk during the masturbation or from the towel. You cannot become infected with hiv via environmental surfaces.



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