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my "vegetarian" experiment

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so i put in a little effort at the grocery store to not buy/eat red meat this weekend. the sky didn't fall, but i can't say i feel a difference in the three days so far. think i'll keep eating chicken and seafood, and give the red meats a rest for a few weeks, see if i become deathly ill. the southern in me just has a mistrust of rabbit food. i'll never give up eggs, cut milk a long time, and down to only using evoo as any type of cooking oil

any suggestions for good recipe websites for more vegan type meals? i'm not going to be strictly no animal products, but i've been thinking about this for a long time now.

one thing i am going try to commit to. no more fried food

see if your library has cookbooks.
Moosewood cookbooks are classic and good enough.
It sounds like you are a long way from the vegan diet (no animal products, period!) and that you don't want to go there, but I suppose there are good vegan dishes you can add to your low red meat diet.
You can also just start to explore dishes from other cuisines that don't need the meat - all sorts of indian, mexican, japanese, chinese, italian, etc

Zach  Here's a site that has some vegetarian recipes. I tried the black bean burrito,  stuffed peppers, and some others. Started adding vegetarian meals about 6 months ago, been doing it slow about once a week. My thing is I'm always hungry a few hours after I it.  Took most of the red meat out of my diet , started using pork and seafood. Have managed to drop about 15 lbs in last 6months,done wonders for my blood test. your goal is. Good luck .right   

I found this site helpful when I cut back drastically on red meat a few years ago.
Just plug in whatever ingredients you like into the search and loads of recipes pop up. 

PS- Mecch, evoo= Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's a Rachael Ray thing.

I visit quite often.  simply type in vegan or vegetarian and you'll see many delicious choices.

I'd also suggest baby steps.  A radical diet change can be quite stressful and you need to know what nutritional needs you'll be lacking.  I have a protein bar almost daily because of my diet.

through trial and error, you'll discover some great meals.  I regularly substitute toful for ground beef.  I just haven't figured out a way to eat it by itself that doesn't taste awful.  They're kinda expensive, but Boca burgers are quite delicious and contain no meat.  Even BK offers a vegetarian burger.


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