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Hi Andy

Welcome to our AM family. You will find kind people who offer lots of support.


Hi Andy and welcome to the forums. The virus and meds do not seem to work the same on everyone. The good thing is that we have enough monitoring to be checked to know exactly where we stand and tackle the bug as needed. Be informed and stay healthy. You are not alone,

take care,


Hi Andy,
It's true that it depends a lot on the individual and it also depends. Two months after I was exposed in 2003, I was diagnosed and I started 2 months after that (4 months post-infection). So it's not uncommon to start on meds early. My physician/study coordinator is a progressive medical doc who believes in the "hit hard, hit early" philosophy, and I happen to believe in the same. It really comes down to personal beliefs. If you don't want to start meds now, tell him and if you two don't share the same philosophy in treating the virus, perhaps you should find a doc who does. No one can force you to take meds if you're not ready.
PS, I've been on Truvada/Sustiva for 2 years now...quite an easy combo to take in my opinion. Just make sure you don't miss this single dose combo.

Hello Andy,

 Welcome to the forums. Sorry you had to join us, but you will find plenty of support here, and a plenty of information.

As Mark has stated, everyone responds differently to this virus. I was diagnosed HIV positive in 1985, And began meds in 2003.

I think a good place to start, is with the lessons. You can click on the link below, to take you there. Please take your time. There is no rush. When questions arise, don't hesitate to ask. Being informed is your best resource.

Click Here :

Make sure to get involved with your doctor. And don't forget to ask your doctor questions also. The best thing to do, is to right your concerns or questions down, that way, you have them right there at your fingertips.

I know things are tough right now, but try to take a deep breath and relax.( I know it's easy for someone else to say that.

Read up on the medications that you will be taking.

Sustiva can be found here :

Truvada can be found here:

Welcome.....Take your time, and ask what ever questions you need .

The best-----Ray

Matty the Damned:
Welcome Andy!



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