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You sound similar to me, I'm 20 and am starting on Sustiva and Truvada tomorrow.  I've been diagnosed for a year but I think I've had the virus for 2 years.  I'm quite disappointed I couldn't make it longer without having to take meds but everyone is different and I don't think you should worry about it.  Welcome to the board and good luck with your meds.

Hi Andy,

I really can't add more than what's already been said.  I just wanted to say 'welcome'.

Hi Andy,

you've come to the right place to ask question (and get opinions)!  It sounds like you still need to ask your doctor some questions as to why you need to start meds.  Perhaps if you are comfortable with sharing some of your lab information to the masses here, we could offer some informed and uninformed advice to you.

I have been taking that particular combo since early February and have had minimal side effects from it.  It's easy to take (2 pills @ bedtime) and hasn't cramped my style too much.  It's important to realize that this is a lifelong commitment -- i know that phrase seems pretty ominous, but not too bad at all once you get into a groove.

Check out the Lessons section like Ray pointed out and see if that helps you any.

Take care (and welcome along for the ride),

hi andy, nice to meet you!

sending you sunshine from the uk...


Hey Andy,
You've already had some great advice, so I'll just say welcome, glad you found us,

I hope to hear more from you.




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