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Hey everyone...

  I am new here, and just wanted to say "hi" to all.  I am 20 years old and have been positive for approximately 7 months.  I just found out that I am going to start Truvada and Sustiva and am alittle bit nervous.  I don't really understand why I keep remembering people tell me that "people live for years HIV+ and don't usually start medication for at least 5 years.." but that it's only been about 7 months and I am already needing to start them.  Anyone have any advice or support?  Thanks.


Welcome to the Hotel California Andy,

You have found a great spot to come and vent, question, or just crack a joke.  One thing to remember is that you have a virus.  It has nothing to do with your character.  You will have ups and downs, maybe a few side affects, like wild ass dreams with the Sustiva I hear.

Just go day to day and enjoy your life.  You can still live a quality life

Again, welcome aboard!


Hi Andy20, welcome to will find lots of support here as many knowledgeable people have great advices.  As to the meds, it is different for each person.....some may need to start right away, while others can wait a while before they start the meds.  My doc suggested that I am close to starting meds, but this was 2 years ago and I am still not on meds. Starting meds is not a bad thing, it will keep the virus under control.  What are your counts?


Hi Andy and welcome aboard. 

Hi Andy and welcome.



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