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odds of weight regain after wasting

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--- Quote from: Jeff G on May 28, 2014, 09:15:56 AM ---I would like to add ... HIV poz folks are sometime at a higher risk for abnormal lipids and cholesterol so I would pay close attention to what you eat and try to avoid that before it becomes a problem . You are a southerner and I bet you are offered the same high fat foods that put me at risk .

We were told back in the day to eat whatever we wanted to keep our weight up . I took that advice and now I'm a insulin dependent diabetic .

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that's a great point.  my doctor suggested I eat a high fat, high calorie diet to quickly add weight.  Within a year I was struggling to loose weight as I had chunked up a tad too much....which is why I wore all those baggie shirts in Seattle.  It took a lot of work to lessen that belly pouch which I'm beginning to think will never be completely flat again.

I had lost a lot of weight due to wasting and over about 2 years I returned to normal weight.

Miss Philicia:
I ate some high fat things -- switched to whole milk, ate non-diet ice cream. But once I was going to the gym I was strict with not so much fat and basically ate grilled chicken breasts, brown rice and steamed vegetables 5 days out of the week, then supplemented with protein shakes as well -- and more substantial than Ensure.

It would be beneficial to go to a nutritionist if you're worried about regaining the weight while eating a better diet.

ps: reminder that I still had a detectable viral load all during this time so it took me longer to gain my weight back I am sure


--- Quote from: Hellraiser on May 28, 2014, 10:26:55 AM ---I had lost a lot of weight due to wasting and over about 2 years I returned to normal weight.

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dunno if you remember, we've met, at lafittes bar really late one night a couple years ago. your weight was fine then, didn't look sickly at all

ms p, jeff is right, its hard down here being around family without being force fed things i just dont want to put in my body anymore. thats really where my annoyance with rests. they start accusing me of starving myself, because i won't have a second helping of chicken fried steak, with gravy. left to my own, i eat healthier

i've switched to ensure + mix, and thinking about hitting a gnc for a mass gainers protein mix. i've tried hard for a few years now to limit my triglycerides as part of an ongoing battle with seborrheic dermatitis

if i was negative, and simply thin, i know how to gain muscle mass in a healthy way. i can become a gym addict, easy. but there is this other variable, and sometimes i don't know how much of my former self i can get back, and how much hiv has simply created a new normal for me that i should accept

Miss Philicia:
Are you taking any prescription topical creams for sebhorric dermatitis?


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