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odds of weight regain after wasting

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ketaconazole, i only use it on my face... a hippy chick i know hooked me up with some hemp based oils that freaking worked a miracle on what was going on up on my scalp. for years i've made fun of her berries and herbs

Miss Philicia:
They make a shampoo with ketaconazole in it, or should I assume you've tried that? Anyway, since your cd4 counts are so low it may take getting them up a bit further for this stuff to work better. But I'd still keep using it.

i've used the shampoo, but the hemp/tea tree oil/sandalwood i'm using now has much better results, smells good, and my half inch of hair looks luxurious

yeah, the whole skin flaking thing, kind of like a barometer for my overall health. when it gets bad, i know i'm getting bad. i've worked with it enough to have it pretty much in hand. every product i use on my skin and clothes has been tweaked with skin issues in mind. really, i'm happy with that. shower routine feels the same, just different soaps and stuff

i only mentioned it in this thread because reducing triglycerides has paid off in a number of ways for me overall... not that i ever will, but i'm thinking eliminating red meats and most cooking oils would be a good thing

I've been pretty much exactly in your shoes with the hospital issues as well as my normal and sick weights.  The weight came back pretty fast for me, when my metabolism did the 180 I went from skin and bones and looking much older, my hands looked like I was 90, to normal pretty fast, but I lost it pretty fast too.  I was on IV drugs at home after the hospital for awhile though and they plumped me up in the hospital a bit with constant glucose drips in addition to meals.

Desonide cream (Rx) has worked for the dermatitis much better for me than the OTC dandruff shampoos.  Insurance covered 3 tubes, 45g, for one generic copay.


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