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odds of weight regain after wasting

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i'm just sort of thinking out loud here, this isn't something that is causing anxiety or anything

anyone here experienced significant weight loss and been able to regain a more "normal" body weight?

kind of getting sick of people telling me how thin i look, i'm like, "no shit?" and i  want to regain just to get them off my back. i eat well, even started pounding 2-3 ensure a day for an extra 400-600 calories on top of meals.

but at the same time. i don't care, as long as i feel ok, it doesn't bother me. i used to normally carry 175, right now i'm at 135. anywhere from 150 up, and i wouldn't even think  about my weight.

i've got bigger issues to deal with than my weight. i don't even want to think too much about lab numbers. just take my meds like a good boy, and be patient. i figure my dr will tell me when i'm ud, or if there is a glaring problem. i don't think i'm being reckless or cavalier, i give this virus it's due, i know what it brings. i just want to avoid extra stress on things i can do little to change. kind of a don't sweat the small stuff philosophy.

Jeff G:
You will regain the weight . I have been sick and lost down to 120 once and 140 a few other times . It took awhile but when the meds kicked in I began to gain again .

I now have to watch what I eat or I will get fat ... again .

Miss Philicia:
When I lost that much weight over a decade ago I did injectable deca-durabolin/nandroone anabolic steroid every other week administered by my doctor. Then we combined this with remeron/mirtazapine as my anti-depressant because it's well-known that one side effect is weight gain. Even doing all of that it took me 3 years to regain my weight, and you have to put a lot of effort into forcing yourself to get your appetite up. If you can convince your doctor to do injectable steroids (btw, my testosterone levels were fine -- this was just done to increase appetite and body mass) you should combine it with weight resistance training, lightly at first naturally.

It's important to remember it's also about building up muscle mass.  Just prior to me joining the forums, I was the sickest and thinnest I had ever been.  Even I recognized it.

I could barely walk 2 blocks to the post office and had to stop and rest.  I slowly started bicycling again.  I started out being able to ride a total of a half mile or so.  I pushed it continually and now I can ride endlessly. 

I know I'm probably the last person to address this issue  ;) but simply gaining weight without exercise will create flabby mass. 

During that period, I couldn't believe some of the comments I rec'd from people.  Yeah, I knew I was sickly and skinny but I didn't need to cower under the blankets and hide from society.  A person I had known for ages ran into me and almost immediately commented on my weight and said I needed to put on some weight.

I was looking down at her ass that was the size of VW and thought about suggesting we work on our weight issues together.   :o

Jeff G:
I would like to add ... HIV poz folks are sometime at a higher risk for abnormal lipids and cholesterol so I would pay close attention to what you eat and try to avoid that before it becomes a problem . You are a southerner and I bet you are offered the same high fat foods that put me at risk .

We were told back in the day to eat whatever we wanted to keep our weight up . I took that advice and now I'm a insulin dependent diabetic . 


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