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Neuro/ psychology APPT, set up for tomorrow....

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Time to go to bed, Got to get up at 6:00am to be down at the VA by 8:00 am. We'll be hitting the rush hour traffic in the morning !


Jeff G:

--- Quote from: J.R.E. on May 21, 2014, 08:45:06 PM ---Thanks Jeff,

And it's not just the speech. Another thing I've noticed happening more frequently, is when I am typing a post here,  The thoughts are in my head, and I start typing...

After I look at the completed post, There are complete words sometimes missing from the sentence, to the point where the sentence makes no sense at all ! :o

There has been many times when I've attempted to post something, and it looks so screwed up, that I just say  "fuck it" and hit the browser back button.


--- End quote ---

Yes ! ... I proof read my post and still miss things and I have found when I am tired its even worse . I go back and read some of my post and I can't believe I didn't notice .

Its the same here ... missing words and jumbled sentences .

Best of luck Ray.  Reading through all the issues everyone is having is comforting in a weird way.  I know I'm not alone with these issues.   ;D 

It's difficult to determine how much is normal aging and how much is abnormal aging with long term HIV.  I also find comfort when my brother who is only 2 years older than me has these issues.  We had an entire discussion last week and solidified some plans.  Come time to carry out the actions, he argued that we had made different plans.  Luckily, I had family members whom overheard the conversation and corrected him.  He wasn't convinced. :)



As a result of my visit today, to Neuro / psychology @ Bay pines VA, all I can say is:

 OMG !!

I knew things were not right , but today, I realized just how  "not right " things are.

The tests today lasted approx 3 1/2 hours. All these cognitive/Memory... tests today,  just blew me away !!

The first 30 minutes or so, was going over family history, and going over my past 29 years of my personal health. "EVERYTHING" was discussed !

 3/4 's of the way through the tests, I was almost going to call Ed on on his cell phone,  and tell him," if I don't get out of here, check for a large glass vessel  with a brain in it marked ," A-B Normal"  :o  :P

It was an absolutely exhausting 3 and 1/2 hours, and after the completion, I said to Ed something I very rarely say, " I need to get to the bar and have a few shots."

I have a new perspective on things,...

I won't know the results until the Doctor calls me. But I have a feeling some further evaluation may be needed, along with possible medication.  Seriously !!

So that's it as far as I am going on this thread for now, until I get the results.

Between Pictures, Diagrams, brief stories being read, and sitting at a computer for some of the tests, I can honestly say I was embarrassed.

When one can't remember details of two different story's lasting 2 paragraphs long, something is terribly wrong., or look at six, geometric shapes, for ten seconds, and asked to draw what I had seen. UGH,... and come up with two out of the six, Talk about zoning out. Well,.. I zoned out today !! Then there were numbers,..UGH !

Some tests I did good on others,...  :o    I actually said to the doctor after the tests,

"  How did I manage to live to 62 years of age, and almost 29 years of living with HIV". I smiled and grinned, but was serious. His reply as something to the effect of :

Look, these were difficult tests, don't be so hard on yourself.

After we left, we had a good lunch, and as requested, we went to the bar and I had  4 shots of Southern Comfort, and 4 bottles of N/A beer.

Ed drove and we are now safely home !!


A soon as I get results from the follow up consultation, I will let you know what's going on.

But, as of this moment I am fine, a little rattled, but I think I am rattled in a good and necessary way.


Jeff G:
Thanks for the update ... I do hope you get a good report .


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