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Joints, dry skin, night sweats, etc.


Hi! Iīm on Truvada(1-am) and Viracept (5-am, 5-pm), VL undetectable and CD4 above 500.  Iīve been having the following side effects for some time now and have not really found any people who suffer from these; please give me your opinion, suggestions, support....thanks!

1.) My joints CRACK everytime I move; every time y move my fingers, toes, knees, etc, and have been taking Glucosamine Chrondoitrin for some time now.

2.) My skin is SO dry I get up at night to put some moisturizer cream.  This happens in my feet (especially) and in my hands, and itīs really becoming a problem.

3.) Some nights I sweat A LOT, not all of them, but I feel as itīs more a hormonal change than anything else.  Could this be it?

4.) I can barely tolerate myself, and have a hard time tolerating others, EVERYTHING bugs me and Iīve developes SOME temper, that you all should beware......LOL!!!! There are days I really CANT STAND MYSELF, itīs as if I feel uncomfortable in my own body and mind, itīs a very STRANGE sensation.  Also, Iīve become very sensitive and MANY things make me cry........

Thank you all!!!


1) and 2) suggests an auto-immune effect of HIV, rather than the drugs (this is relatively common). If it is the drugs it is likely to be the FTC, which is one of the drugs in Truvada.

3) dunno

4) Hostility, anger etc is a noted side effect of Viread, also in Truvada.  Several people have posted on this topic here. I had this as a short-term side effect about 5-6 months in to taking Viread.

Hope this helps.

- matt

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