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Hi all. I have had Jock itch for about 5 weeks without it going away.The Doctor gave me Clozatimole cream which i applied for two weeks but it made no difference. I had my first HIV test at 10 weeks which was negative. The doctor prescribed a tablet one off dose which hasn't worked either. I had a rapid test at a testing clinic at 14 weeks( 2 days ago) which was also negative. But there is no way Jock Itch can last over 5 weeks with no improvement,is there? I know those who are immunocompromised have a hard time shaking it off. Having checked the net I can't find a shred of evidence that it can last this long with no improvement. fungal infections,especially recurring ones are a sign of HIV aren't they?

I had unprotected sex in Thailand vaginal and anal insertive with a sexworker. I am afraid I have not started producing antibodies yet. I know it says on here that 13 weeks is conclusive but almost everywhere say it can take up to six months. I take this to mean in high risk exposure and also in occupational exposure and rightly as said on here those on chemo and drugs. As i fall in to the high risk bracket I know I have to test again at 6 months.So 13 or 14 is not conclusive as about 1% of people have not produced antibodies by then.

One you are negative, your continued battle with jock itch has nothing to do with HIV. If you are still having problems see a dermatologist. CDC changed their guidelines from 6 months to 3 months in 2001. HIV is not your problem.

Thanks Rod for your quick reply. It's true isn't it that Jock Itch and fungal infections are hard to shake off if you have HIV isn't it? Also retesting at six months is necessary in some cases right? I would quite happily bury my head in the sand-no offence to you Rod as you are kind to reply- it's just that i ampretty sure I am infected-had weight loss , possible rash. But almost the worst thing is this Jock Itch which has made my testcles all red.It still itches after 5 weeks and has made no improvemnt. I will check the CDC but am sure they will say "almost everyone" and will also mention 6 monthsas the upper limit.

You are not infected you have had you conclusive test. You can test all you want spend all the money you want it will not change the fact that you are negative. Fungal disease happens in late stages of HIV infection and jock itch is not one of them. I know I live with it. I wish I had jock itch instead.

Hi Rod! I am hoping against hope that you are right. I'd give anything that you are. But surely early stage HIV where you have not produced antibodies as I clearly haven't,hence the negative tests and this leaves you vulnerable to fungal infections just as later HIV infection does? Again I thought the three month window would be conclusive but it's clear from the net that it applies only to the vast majority. 1% of the population will statistically fall within the 6 month limit. I only wish this wasn't so as I could get on with my life.


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