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I was having a discussion with my bf whether or not i should where a shirt that says I am a survivor of HIV. (the aids walk event is the one who is giving out the shirts for those who want to share the status, it attempts to help end the stigma of living with hiv) it got us talking about whether or not that is ok? like if i have hiv am i really a survivor? someone who overcomes breast cancer for example is a survivor because they beat it. when it comes to hiv though, its always going to be a part of me so am i a survior? another topic came to mind was that. am i making a difference by saying im hiv positive?
I think so because it shows that im ok with it and other people should be ok with it to, and if we create a comfortable environment about it, then people would get tested more and take treatment.
or is having hiv something even to be ok with?

In my opinion the more that we are open about our status and talk about HIV the more we will work to reduce the stigma.  If your comfortable wearing the T-shirt then go for it!

Jeff G:
If you are uncomfortable perhaps you can pencil in the word maybe by the I'm a survivor .

all this talk about shirts and statements... imo

wear a plain white shirt that says "I HAVE AIDS!!" in big bold letters, something that can't be missed.

then go to a restaurant. go to wal mart and do some shopping. stop and get gas. pick your kids up from school wearing it. wear it... to church.

thats a statement. and you'd get a really honest cultural reaction to the shirt.

go to an aidswalk, stand faceless in the middle of a huge crowd of other pozzies. wear a shirt that quibbles the meaning of survival and splits the already divided hair of hiv vs aids. dunno, that statement falls flat to me.

wanna say something? say it loud and proud.

Not everyone has AIDS.  Not everyone at a walk is positive. What is this divided hair you speak of? Why are people faceless?  What we as an LGBT community need is solidarity and your right say it loud that some us are living with HIV.



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