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Samoan healer may have found answer to cure HIV

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Here is the annual report (2005) of AIDS Research Alliance.

We entered the final phase of pre-clinical work on prostratin, our primary research initiative, which could lead to the eradication of HIV/AIDS.

The cornerstone of our independent research program at ARA is prostratin, a compound initially isolated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) from a plant used in Western Samoa to treat viral diseases. Prostratin inhibits HIV infection by decreasing the expression of HIV receptors on the surface of healthy cells, and activates HIV-1 expression from latently infected cells. These cells form “reservoirs” of HIV that hide in certain areas of the body Because HIV is dormant within these cells, they escape the reach of current anti-HIV drugs and the immune system. HIV reservoirs are the major stumbling block to the eradication of HIV. People currently infected with
HIV could remain so for life unless we develop effective reservoir elimination strategies. Prostratin’s ability to stimulate HIV expression from latently infected cells is an important mechanism that could be utilized as an effective therapy to target latent reservoirs, when used in conjunction with Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART). Under an exclusive license from the National Institutes of Health to develop prostratin as an anti-HIV drug, ARA is conducting preclinical studies on prostratin.In Summer 2005, AIDS Research Alliance engaged one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical research and development companies to complete pre-clinical research on prostratin. The experiments included in the study are required for submission of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA and initiation of a Phase I human clinical trial. These studies, at a projected cost of $1.2 million, are scheduled to be concluded by Spring 2007.

lord it looks like u can buy this stuff off the internet.....y isnt anyone taking this stuff? would it b dangerous?

it looks like theyv know about this stuff for a while.....what the hell is taking some1 so long?

FiercenBed - I don't think that website is meant for public consumers. You'll notice that it mentioned 1mg dosages of prostratin were fatal to mice so I would be willing to bet the wrong dosage could be pretty dangerous to humans as well... I wouldn't go playing with that stuff unless some serious protocols on dosing and drug interactions were established.

On another note, does anybody know if prostratin has been shown to pass the blood brain barrier? would it be effective in activing latent viral resevoirs in brain cells or just T4s? if it doesn't flush out the neurologic sanctuary sites it's not going to be able to get rid of the virus


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