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FOTO and Atripla

The original paper (table one)

does not list an single patient on Atripla (tm) (EFV/TDF/FTC)
(10 patients on EFV; 10 patients on NVP and 8 on PIs)

It actually mentions that the authors WILL proceed to a trial with (EFV/TDF/FTC)

In the paper here:
Durable suppression possible with FOTO treatment schedule in subjects on nevirapine-based regimens.

They confirm the favorable outcome on NVP (Viramune(tm))

I haven't found any lit. concerning Foto and Atripla (yet...)


My doc completly ignores it.
I went to a 'users club' kind of event and lost of people were complaining about ... Fatigue ...


Update: Extreme fatigue and profuse sweating was caused by lexapro. Doc took me off it and I've never felt better. I suffered for almost 10 years with that. Peace.

Glad you got it worked out.


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