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Stupid hot flashes


Is there anything I can do for hot flashes?

My AIDS doctor told me I couldn't take pills they used to give to women going through menopause.

He also told me I was only pre-menopausel.


Michelle, I've been having flashes for a couple (or more) years.  I know they make "cooling pads," I believe Poise makes these.  If you go on their website you can request a free sample. 

I've heard women talk about "natural" supplements to take for these, like black cohosh, or the others sold in the vitamin/supplement area of a store or pharmacy; however, having used a ton of supplements back in the early days, I have little faith in these.  However, some women swear by them.

I'm waiting to have 12 months of no menstruation, then it should get better.  As of now, my periods are more irregular, but not gone. A couple months ago, I thought I may be turning a corner, but alas, one started again.  So, we just have to hang in there, and hope for better times lol.



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