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I can't believe that some people in the healthcare profession still don't have sense enough to protect themselves like they're supposed to from...well..people like us.  I have had a bunch of non HIV related medical issues over the years.  I have been poked and prodded for neurological problems,  many many blood tests and other procedures where clearly gloves should have been worn by the one doing the test. 
I had a nerve function test at a pain specialist who poked me with a bunch of needles, glove-less.  When I mentioned after the test that he probably should have worn gloves and then told him why he had the audacity to yell at me for not telling him to begin with.  Um  I think that was his mistake and not mine.

I have gone to my hospital's lab for many years getting routine crap done and sometimes they wear them and sometimes they don't.  They know what tests are being run so WTF?

I have been to 3 neurologists in the last couple years. They all  know my status.  They like to poke me with a freakin safety pin. (Do they all do this?)  No gloves...none of them.
And as recently as 2 wks ago I had to get a TB test and have my sugar checked for a new job. gloves.

I am not about to tell these people my issue (the ones that don't know).  Why should I?  They should know better. On the other side of this I have been going to my current dentist for about 5yrs.  They do not know my status and I feel kinda bad for not saying anything all this time.  But the hygienist does wear gloves and mask like she's supposed to..and a good thing cause I bleed a lot when I get a cleaning.  The dentist before this guy did know and they treated me like crap, hence the switch.

IDK just seems to me that if you work in the medical field you should know how to protect yourself and I shouldn't have to disclose anything if I don't want to. Am I wrong?

Joe K:
All medical professionals should be using universal precautions, however you are hurting yourself by not disclosing your status to your doctors and dentist.  There are many issues that can affect us and it is important for your doctors to know you are poz.  A good dentist will be aware of HIV related mouth issues and if they know your status, they will look for such issues.  Same as with an eye doctor or physician.

Any professional who would balk at you disclosing your status, is not a true professional and you should find a new provider.


Jeff G:
The real risk is for you . Washing hands and fresh gloves can cut the risk from MRSA and other infections down to negligible risk .

When I was in chemo therapy I had a very young and very pregnant nurse who scoffed at me when I warned her about the dangers of recapping a needle . I didn't try to argue but instead got up and reported her to her supervisor . They thanked me later after they reeducated her on the matter and seemed really happy I cared enough to intervene . 

She didn't like me too much after that but I can live with that . I always disclose my status to medical professionals but its for my protection as well as for theirs . 

Hi there

First of all I agree that all healthcare workers should wear gloves when dealing with sick people, every health worker should know about Universal Precautions.

Wearing gloves really only prevents cross infect from one sick patient to another, which is why they should  be worn in the wards, and changed from one patient to the next, we don't know what germs are floating around the hospital when we visit them, but they do not prevent needle stick injuries.

As we all know, the phlebotomist will not become infected if she comes in contact with your blood unless she has large open wounds on her hands which will allow infected blood to enter her system, if that was the case she will be wearing gloves.

As I said, I do agree that all Healthcare workers should be wearing gloves, but not just for HIV patients.


Jeff G:
The hospital and clinic I attend has signs all over encouraging staff to wear gloves and patients to report them if they do not . They made a big deal out of it because I think its part of a study to try and improve/prevent community acquired infections .

They have pens and a card sign with postcard size questionnaire's asking how was your visit and did the provider wash and glove up .


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