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honey maid graham crackers


mods, didn't quite know where to put this... activism seemed almost it. move it if you need to.

honey maid
a couple weeks ago, while i was in hospital, there was a thread about a great commercial, the backlash to it, and the their beautifully touching response to the controversy. sitting in that bed, i craved vanilla ice cream with cinnamon grahams. used to eat it as a child that way.

yesterday, in my local piggly wiggly, i searched out honey maid cinnamon graham crackers. none. you could see where they were supposed to be. empty.

i commented to the manager i saw as i was leaving. he said they were out, but have other brands, i responded i would only buy honey maid, that i saw the shelves looked recently cleaned of inventory. asked as to why?

he got the dumb mumble mouth. shuffle shuffle look away mumble. i almost wanted to make a scene.

told him i think i'll start shopping at the kroger

So are we supposed to boycott generic graham crackers or Piggly Wiggly's? I'm not clear. Please let me know so I can paint my signs accordingly.


nah, don't overexert. i would never paint a sign, not my style. we all act according to the dictates our own conscience.

it simply flew in my face, it was obvious and a known issue to me, because i knew why.

other customers would probably just shrug and buy generic, wondering what is going on that so many people are buying graham crackers? do those new immigrants in town have a thanksgiving tradition?


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