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finally....pregnant....but dilema about starting meds


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In January I reached out to you in a post entitled my struggle to get pregnant.....

Well....I am a month pregnant now! And it happened old fashion. I am sooooo happpyy.....little dancing steps all the time. We were still waiting to see another fertility specialist after some run around and bad experiences we had at the first hospital we were sent to..... then I discovered I am pregnant!!!

So I called my hiv dr but he is away for a while and I got an appointment with another dr today.
My numbers are vl 1500  and cd4.  850. I am still not on meds.

I have been asked by this dr and the pharmacist to make a decision myself about starting meds right now or waiting another two months. The proposed regiment is kivexa + kaletra.

I don't know which is the best decision for me. I have read the us guidelines indicating that treatment na´ve pregnant women can wait till the second trimester.... but there are Canadian recommendations to start treatment immediately.

Does anyone have an input?
Happy but worried me

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!  I'm not familiar with that combo in pregnancy.  I'm in the U.S. and for my first pregnancy, they told me a drug with AZT in it, like Combivir, was preferred because it is one of the oldest and most studied HIV drugs. But for this pregnancy, I was told to stay on my Stribild regimen.  It's a once a day pill and a class B drug, but has not been studied in pregnant women as much.

It's a tough decision to make, especially since you haven't been on meds before.  Just know that you aren't limited to just one regimen.

Thanks, SweetC.
I started treatment exactly a week ago, and I am actually surprised I have no side effects. I feel so good because I was scared I d have to deal with other side effects plus the usual joys of pregnancy.
Will have blood work in three weeks to check how the meds are affecting or not affecting me. Keeping fingers crossed.


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