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Anyone has experience with emigration for Australia?

I just found out that positive people are not able to emigrate to certain places, in my case it would be Australia.

I mean, what a hell, we are like a cancer to those countrys, im not able to pursuit my dreams or hapyness, its like we are living in jail.

what should I do? :(

Jeff G:
That is one more tough thing about HIV . It impedes our ability to move around the planet without making plans well in advance and some places we are not welcome .

We have a few Aussie members who can advise .

Jeff G:
I removed the duplicate thread you posted on the same subject . One thread is all you need for the same question . Thanks .

im sorry I didnt realise, it was a mistake

I hope some Aussies with any info pop in for you. 
Immigration is one disadvantage to socialized medicine in this instance, they evaluate the cost.  It may help if you let them know what type of visa you'd be applying for or if you have insurance or an employer who would pay for your maintenance meds.


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