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i thought that maybe joining the personals was a good idea...apparently every man a judgmental jerk?? i mean seriously if you're in the same position as i am you really don't have the right to be.  i always thought that my status was what was holding me back from finding a good man.  i have no problems getting attention from guys.  i'm hit on pretty regularly but usually just blow it off because i dont feel like being bothered with telling my ugly truth anymore. the jerks on here are just as ignorant as neg guys. i guess it's time to just give up dating all together....sigh

You know having a positive status can be a hard thing to deal with. But I want to encourage you not to give up on dating. You need to take time to focus on yourself and loving you first and if it is meant to be love will come knocking at your door. Do not put all men in the same bracket but treat each new one that comes into your life with the benefit of the doubt. I know it will be hard but cheer up, everyday is not going to be the same. There are many young ladies who have found love after being diagnosed with HIV. What you need is to have a good friend to chat with and to share your experiences. Do not only use the forums to find a man but use it as a gateway to help others who are newly diagnosed which can also help you as well. Its never a waste of time. I could be your friend to chat with if you like. --Lane  :)

Hi Lane,

Thanks for the kind words.  I'm just frustrated.  I have NEVER had a normal loving relationship and I feel like I'm just not supposed to I guess.  I feel like I've already paid the price for bad things I've done in my past so why shouldn't I be entitled to be happy with someone  Everyone deserves to be happy. For once in my life I would like to know what its like to be able to trust someone and be able to turn to them for advice and comfort.  I've never had that with anyone. I have so much to give but no one ever gives me a chance to show them.


I know how you feel but just try to focus on other things for now.

I've tried the personal a few times over the years with the same that seem to think we women will lower our standards because we're positive.  I thought it would be a site were I could meet men who just happened to be in the same situation.  The majority seem to be looking for just a hook-up, not an actual relationship.  The 3 times I was on the site, I had 3 different user names but pretty much the same profile and always had the same tired men trying to talk their game.

Dating doesn't even seem worth it when you're positive. You can either choose from the very shallow & small pool of positive men or deal with the risk of rejection from negative men.  It is sad....


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