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On one level I am struck by why you described, introduced the piece as being unproductive and yet it sounded like it was/is just what you need. Therefore if you achieved it it would be a very productive day .

Its OK I tie myself up it the same knots, This week has been very sleepy and not much achieved and therefore I am fighting the blues , yet it might be just what I need, trouble is its not what I want.

Wolfie we know you and weight is important and your Mother,s health and demands have been constant for awhile ,so the only one who is likely to change my dear is you.

And if after 10 years I still cannot live well with the level of energy I have , who the hell am I too say ought.

YEAH, finally am figuring out how to use the new windows on my work computer.  I hated it at first but am comfortable enough now to log into my sites without fear of leaving traces of wastefulness instead of doing my job.  :)

and now, I find Microsoft will not be supporting older versions of windows.  I guess my newer laptop with XP will have to be upgraded.  Doesn't seem rightly fair as I purchased it not long ago and it's almost $200 to upgrade.

Have a great day all.

As a Mac user running a now ancient OS I am well aware off buying something for it to be obsolete, but I have had good mileage from it and will now stay with Mac when the time comes for the eventual up grade. In the UK we pay the same amount in as you do in $ so Mac,s are bloody expensive . So I will get a mac mini next or even Mac Air tablet . It is frustrating when I am locked out off app,s due to not having the OS.

I've been a bit busy lately so have not been on much.  I'm doing advocacy and a women's support group, that seems to run on all days of the week.  What I mean is, the ladies contact me on off-group days.  Which is fine.  I get paid for it, for even the work I do at home.  My supervisor (she refuses to be called boss, says it equates to slavery), has been around here and in the HIV field for over 20 years; I've known her that long.  So, she's easy to work for, but expects excellence at the same time, which is fine. 

One of my former clients is in the group and calling me, and I'm going with her to the doctor this coming Tuesday.  She's having stomach issues and the doctor is not doing anything other than telling her to "breathe" (WTF), so I'm going in with her to insist something be done.  Yeah, I've been known to do shit like that lol.

I'm tired.  Very tired. Emotional energy and all that.  My hip is doing pretty good, my knees are shit.  Not going to get a replacement any time soon, that hip surgery was enough for me for now.

Greg, I know you're going through a lot of stress.  I hope you had a good day when you said you were going to be "unproductive."  We need days like that.  Please pace yourself and don't get worn down.

Michael, I love your posts.  They're just so witty, and always make me smile.  I think of you often, and hope you're doing well.  I know about on and off days, believe me. 

I'm going to try to be on more, when there's not a crisis happening.  The man who lived in the back apartment passed away a couple weeks ago, so I've also been helping his girlfriend get his apartment cleaned out, and figure out how to pay for his cremation.  His daughters are not helping because he didn't have a big pay out. >:(

I hope everyone else is doing well.  I think this thread is an excellent idea. Thanks for starting it, Greg.

Hi all,
 haven't posted in ages ... couldn't really ever justify a new thread for my bits and pieces that were happening in dribs and drabs, so happy this thread is here.

Big changes in my life over the last 6 months. Started physio to fix a bung shoulder, I'm not as compliant as I should be with the exercises but have had significant improvement. It was sore doing it, but the shoulder held out for a summer season of slowpitch softball.

Broke up with the ex, readjusting to single life after 8.5 years together is odd. Moved house about Xmas time.

I'm now 2 months into a couple of vocational courses (business administration) and (travel and tourism),  the big aim is to be back into work by July. (Fingers crossed) I'm battling with Centrelink (Australia's social security) I was getting income support before starting study but have been cut off for 13 weeks... Lodged an appeal yesterday. Stressful to the max!

cd4s have shot up to 140 YAY, some stresses are worth it!


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