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Yesterday, John & I attended an ad hoc prevention Planning Council meeting.  There were 2 members absent and have actually left the council for other ventures.  Anyway, the meeting didn't go as planned and we basically just bullshitted for about an hour, which was cool because I got to know the few members in attendance a bit better.  I feel more comfortable now. 

Well, turns out that next week, Thurs. & Fri., there is a State PC meeting in Jefferson City.  Since the 2 members who resigned from the council will not be attending this meeting and their hotel rooms are still available, the vice chair of the council asked me & John, along with another member, if we would like to go in their places, and since we have already submitted our PC applications, and have been nominated to sit on the council (we're just waiting for the final decision, which we are very confident we will be accepted as members -- we've been told so) the VC felt it was appropriate for us to attend this state meeting.  Of course, we gladly accepted his offer. ;D  There's no sense letting the hotel room go to waste.  :D ;) Right?  And besides, it will be a great opportunity for us to get more involved in the community as well as network with a wider venue, and obtain more info as far as HIV planning is concerned.  This is something we've been hoping to break into.

Just thought I'd share with all of you...

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Trish :)

Sounds like things are really falling into place for you.  :)

You see Trish and John, Make yourselves available and things happen.  This is just the way it works.  

Thanks for this, and what seems like a normal little glitch for those in govenment, can work out to be  a true blessing for those of us who are committed to speaking up and being counted in this work.  I am so enjoying the work that you newer people are initiating, and am always amused by your excitement at things that Joe and I and others here with many years under our belts, have come to take for granted.  I used to get a hotel room paid for all the time, when I was unable to walk, and had to use my Scooter to get around.  Now I can do the Phoenix round trip in one day and not suffer like before, but just remember, you are more valuable, and important to them than they will ever be to you.  DO NOT FORGET THAT.  Look around you in these meetings.  Trish, you and John together have more hands on knowledge about HIV than any six of the Civil Servants sitting around the table, and are charged with making sure we are getting what we deserve.  So, please..... never discount your importance in this work.  

In Love and Support.


Good for you guys :)


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