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Anyone using 5-htp for insomnia?

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I was interested in melatonin but the 5-htp was half price so opted for that!  My sleep pattern is not great, I fall asleep easily but always wake around 2am and struggle for the next few hours before getting up.

Anyone tried this?


I've tried it before, in fact I still have a bottle sitting in the cabinet, but it's probably expired by now. It doesn't really have the same effect as Melatonin. The 5-HTP has more of a calming and relaxation effect, then it does as a sleep aid.

I  preferred the Melatonin.  The 10 mg capsule dose always worked the best for me, and  I purchased it at CVS. It never failed to get me to sleep in the daytime, when I worked the graveyard shift, and it never failed to get me to sleep at nighttime.

I very seldom have the need for it now.

The 10 MG dose is the largest dose available, for Melatonin.



I was just looking at the bottle I have ( expires 6/14 ) It's Sundown brand,and contains 200mg of  5-htp, ( from griffonia extract) 

"5-htp is a precursor to serotonin"  It doesn't work the same way as Melatonin.


Thanks Ray - tried past 2 nights on it and ended up vivid dreaming and still early waking.  It felt like the nightmare atripla days which ended up making me panic that I was going to feel suicidal again and therefore not sleeping for thinking about that!!  Melatonin it is!  8)


--- Quote from: TabooPrincess on April 10, 2014, 02:54:06 PM ---Thanks Ray - tried past 2 nights on it and ended up vivid dreaming and still early waking. 

--- End quote ---

Hi TP,

And I think that's the reason I stopped it was because of the dreams.  I counted the remaining pills that I had of 5-HTP and there were 20 left out of a 30 count bottle.

When you get the Melatonin, make sure that it's not the time release. It needs to be the capsule 10mg, I believe they have a 90 count bottle. Check coupons also, sometimes they have all this marked down in price.

Good luck---Ray


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