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Giving up Combivir


Hi everyone,
This is my first topic, although I have added my two pence occasionally before.
I hope some of you can advise me on altering my current combination. 

I am on a year long drug trial which will end in December.  I am on Combivir & Sustiva and have been for 3 years now,  I want to give up Combivir.  I am happy to stay on Sustiva.

I feel I have lost a significant amount of facial and limb fat and at a slim (too slim for my liking) 62kg I have gained waist and breast fat, I also have fatigue which can be severe at times.  A year into this combination I was very ill with acute pancreatitis, which is now chronic.

The other arm of my drug trial are taking Truvada which I have been reading up on.
To be honest, I'm frightened about changing as I have been undetectable from 4 months into this combination and my cd4 count is now up to about 440 from 60.  I am concerned how changing may affect my future options and maybe some of the things I'm blaming on combivir are a price I'll just have to pay or maybe they'll continue after I've stopped.

Anyway, any advise on altering my combination would be appreciated
Thanks  ;)

Gary X

Hello, welcome Gary

Unless you have a particularly terrible nuke resistance, there's no reason to think a switch from Combivir to Truvada (or Epzicom) will affect the effectiveness of your treatment now or in the future.

Several studies have shown that switching off AZT-containing nukes like Combivir sees fat restored to face and limbs for most people, but kinda slow like, say over many months. Plus, with the increasing amount of data on AZT's not so good effect on heart function, perhaps another reason to get off this drug if you can.

- matt

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I was on combivir for about 4 years and gave it up in favor of truvada.  There was absolutely no problem in switching and I am still undetectable.

Hey Gary -
I am on Truvada/Kaletra. I've been on it for about 6 weeks now and so far I'm doing great. My doc first suggested Combivir but i was afraid of the AZT. When I started my VL was 76,000. It's now down to 360. Hoping my next test will be undetectable. My doc expects it will be. Also so far my liver and kidneys are fine. I'm definitely a fan of this combo.

Thank you all for your comments,  I feel reassured now.  Truvada it is then, I've read up on it and it seems less toxic as you say  Matt.  I'll keep the forum posted on how it goes, hopefully I'll get my fat face back (never thought I'd be saying that) and hopefully it'll be a bit kinder on my pancreas too.

Gary  ;D


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