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lost medicine


hi all,
I received refills of my prescription about a week ago and now I can't find them.  I've checked everywhere and nowhere to be found.

I can't get them refilled until the 24th.  I have only 1 day left of issentress and probably about 10 or 11 days of the prezista/norvir.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Should I just stop taking them until I can get a refill in a couple weeks.  Should I continue taking the prezista/norvir until they run out without the issentress

Any suggestions would be helpful

Do you get your meds through insurance or ADAP?  I've heard people say they could get non-controlled substance medications filled early in emergency situations.  For example, I've known people to lose their luggage that contained their bp and cholesterol meds, and they were able to get their insurance to go ahead and authorize a refill early.

Have you contacted them to see whether an emergency refill is an option?  It would seem cruel for them to not authorize it, but I know how insurance companies are many times.  I just cannot imagine the rationale of refusing to pay for an early refill, when they would in a couple weeks-- especially an HIV med.  I hope you get this worked out. 


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