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Creative magic:
Hello I'm new to forum
My sister has been sick for sometime but always seemed to get better so we never really questioned it everyone gets sick now and again this past 6 months has been just a downward spiral she was admitted into the hospital for what we thought was a bacterial infection she had surgery to have her appendix remove and was sent home she seemed to be doing well in February she was back in the hospital supposedly for the same issue a bacterial infection this time not getting any better no getting any answers from anyone I finally got fed up and asked my brother n law what was going on he finally broke down crying and told me my sister had HIV I felt all kinds of emotions she's still in the hospital were now in April she's been diagnosed with PCNS  lymphoma talking to the dr found out my sis has been sick for over 4 years was giving the HIV Meds and never took them now she's in the hospital all her hair has fallen out she barely able to speak walk unable to use the bathroom on her own my heart breaks for her knowing how independent she was and to see her in this condition is so hard there's so much more in between finding out she has HIV now cancer all this in a matter of months 4 years back her son my nephew was murdered and I believe that was around the time she got her pos result....  And never told anyone just kept it inside

Hey Magic,

How incredibly awful. That had to hit like a dagger when your brother in law told you that. Did he say why she decided to not take the meds? Maybe because of the death of her son and wanting to expedite the process.  :-\ Does she have any other children, that should make her want to live more. 

I remember when I found out my father was diagnosed HIV actually he had AIDS, it was very hard watching him go like you said from someone you always knew to someone you just watch deteriorate. How old is she? Is she wanting to get better?

HIV can be managed, even certain cancers can be managed, but the person has to want to get better as well.

Best wishes to you and your family, seems like you all are going through a lot.


Creative magic:
Hi Heidi

No he never did tell us why but knowing my sister she is a very private person since I last posted we had another meeting with her dr and learned that she now has aids once she was admitted they started her on anti viral Meds and there also treating the cancer with chemo therapy she just had her second round of chemo the first round she had bad side effects everything dropped she had kidney issue amongst other things so they had to wait for the second round...

Right now she having issues with her sight  she's  unable to verbalize well she's not eating so there's really not much commutation except telling her how much we love her and to keep fighting yes she has 5 girls...

The drs are now asking my mom if she wants to continue with treatment or place her in home hospice and making her as comfortable as possible

This is so heartbreaking

Sorry it's been a while since I've been back to this forum. I know exactly how you feel. Reading your last post about moving her to be comfortable was also what happened with my dad.

I feel for you, it's good you are a support for her, and will be there for her girls.

Prayers and good thoughts to your family.


Creative magic:
Hi Heidi

Thanks for your prayers, my sister has lost her battle and passed away April 15
I'm really in a hard place right now trying to come to terms with all of this trying to be strong for her girls and myself but it's so hard some days I just want to ball up under the covers and never come out that's how hard it is but I know that's impossible and that I need to figure out a way to start processing this lost...


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