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viramune xr and LFT's


Hi all,

My liver function tests have come back abnormal most of the figures are in the 100's across all results AST and ALT. I've been on viramune for years and whilst they have been slightly elevated never like this. all HEP tests come back negative. my latest test came back yesterday and the only figure that had decreases is GGT which had halved. I'm sort of stressing out severely as I did have a rather large drinking session one night and I had a few shots of absinthe and i'm freaking out I have damaged my liver.

I had also elevated liver enzymes under Viramune XR ... no symptom ... just elevated enzymes. Although not drinking alcohol and doing drugs ...
When switched Viramune XR for Isentress it went back to normal (but took around 6 months ....)



I will have this discussion with my Doc. (I'm on Viramune XR)

My ALT went up from its usual 40 to 90.
I did the liver scan thing and diagnosed with fatty liver.

I have not yet have this discussion with my Doc (who has extended experience with Viramune) but during last visit he repeated several times that we should explore the matter but not stress it out. While on Viramune, from time to time Liver Enzymes will go UP (for unknown reason) and then come down (here again reasons unknown)

He commented that patients (and doctors alike) freak out without reason

This seems to be some kind of weird thing with Viramune that has nothing to do with elevated enzymes due to liver damage.

Actually a recent ALT showed a modest improvement (from 93 to 90)

Of course this is a matter to be explored...

I am just relaying what my doc told me : no reason to stress this out

(I even think he was kind of preparing me to the idea of keeping V. even if we have this ALT episode)

I have no problem with that at this time

(bear in mind that 'elevated' ALT is when you get 5 to 10 times the upper limit, so 250 or 500;  ca. 100 is well below that)

Of course you should discuss this with your Doc. but not to the point you should be racing to your Doctor on Monday First thing  ;)

Hope this helps




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